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Whatsapp Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS helps you to keep regular contact with your clients by providing the latest updates of offers and services. Text messaging is an extremely efficient and direct method of reaching out to customers. Until recently, SMS (short message service) was mostly utilized for personal communication. Businesses began to recognize the scope and value of SMS marketing only after the world witnessed a sharp increase in smartphone usage.

Benefits of SMS Marketing
  • High open rates – When compared to phone calls or emails, text messages have the highest open rates, which is one of the biggest advantages of bulk SMS marketing. SMS marketing services are a godsend to any business looking for rapid and effective customer care because 98 percent of messages sent are opened.
  • Better conversion rate – Despite the widespread use of instant messaging via applications, the benefits of SMS in business are numerous. SMS, for example, still has a higher conversion rate than all of its new-age competitors. People are more likely to visit your business and act on promotions or offers offered via SMS than through any other marketing channel.
  • SMS marketing is inexpensive – Cloud messaging systems, which make SMS marketing a highly cost-effective choice, add to the benefits of bulk SMS marketing